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Historie SW-MOTECH
Historie SW-MOTECH

Good to know

The company: SW-MOTECH is one of the internationally leading suppliers of motorcycle accessories. The company has been founded in 1999; today the manufacturer with a focus on innovation and production of high-quality motorcycle gear counts more than 200 employees. The company has its headquarters in Rauschenberg, Germany, and maintains an additional production plant in Brno, Czech Republic. SW-MOTECH is partner of BMW, Ducati, Kawasaki, KTM, Moto Guzzi, Suzuki and Yamaha for developing and production processes of original accessories and delivers its products into more than 60 countries.

The product range

encompasses luggage systems, including the QUICK-LOCK side and tank bag carriers, and accessories for navigation and power supply as well as motorcycle gear for ergonomics, safety and maintenance use. Among the product range are handlebar mounting kits, gear levers and footrest kits, handguards, mirror extensions, crash bars and engine guards as well as fog and off-road lights. SW-MOTECH also produces systems for bar positioning and vibration dampening. In addition the product line ‚style meets function’ focuses on function bearing design elements for motorcycles.


2014SW-MOTECH and BAGS-CONNECTION unite under one brand
After a long history of joint development and production of high quality motorcycle accessories SW-MOTECH and BAGS-CONNECTION are united under one brand: SW-MOTECH now serves as the corporate brand for all product lines of the formerly two companies and a broad experience in engineering and manufacturing of textile and metal solutions.

At the same time the year 2014 stands for one of the most innovative periods of the company’s history: At Intermot 2014 SW-MOTECH among others presents the tough aluminum touring case TRAX ADVENTURE, the waterproof QUICK-LOCK EVO tank bag Yukon 90, the ergonomic seat cushion TRAVELLER and the ALU-BOX accessory line TRAX GEAR+ together with several new entries to its waterproof product line.

Meanwhile the production site in Brno, Czech Republic, has been equipped with robot welding facilities that among others are employed to produce the TRAX ADVENTURE aluminum cases’ body. At the same time the powder coating facilities are being enhanced and the plant is made ready for further expansion, scheduled for 2015.
2013Relaunch of Waterproof product line
The Drybag products of SW-MOTECH’s Waterproof Line, encompassing tail bags, backpacks and the waterproof tank bag Drybag 130 as well as combined tail and carrying bags, hit the market during Spring 2013 with a new design. The fresh all weather products are well received by customers and motorcycle producers alike. In the same year the robot assisted manufacturing facilities at the production site in Rauschenberg, Germany, are expanded.
2012 Headquarters development continues
The continuous company growth calls for the construction of a new office building in Rauschenberg. The building project also is used to initiate significant improvements for the flow of goods inside the factory. New tank bags and tail bags are introduced, winning over customers by the use of premium materials and their exclusive design.
2011New product lines and expanded warehousing facilities
The ALU-BOX touring cases receive a complete design overhaul: The new TraX® EVO aluminum cases sport high stability due to a deep drawn lid and also come with a new sealing geometry. With the QUICK-LOCK GPS mount a versatile, vibration dampened fastening system for GPS units and smartphones is being released. Parallel to the development of new textile product lines for 2012 the first joint logo for SW-MOTECH and BAGS-CONNECTION is being created. Since once again storage space is running low, the high rack warehouse is expanded by 1500 square meters.
2010Broader product range and POS presence
The year 2010 sees an expanded SW-MOTECH safety and ergonomic portfolio as well as new backpacks made by BAGS-CONNECTION. Among the new releases are stainless steel footpegs, crash bars, HAWK fog and off road lights and the waterproof backpack Baracuda. With the BLAZE® saddlebag system a patented solution using the QUICK-LOCK support arm comes to the market, reliably preventing the side bags from swaying towards rear wheel or chain. The POS presence of the two companies is strengthened by new partnerships with selected specialized dealerships.
2009First ABS touring case product line
BAGS-CONNECTION introduces a unique product to the market: Combining the characteristics of robust touring cases and the rich features of soft luggage the lockable AERO side cases consist of sturdy ABS plastics with a high quality textile lamination. At the same time the shock and vibration dampened Nonshock Endurance handlebar is the latest SW-MOTECH patent to hit the market.
2008Headquarters expansion and introduction of TraX® ALU-BOX
The TraX® ALU-BOX, the first aluminum touring case developed especially for the use on motorcycles, sees the light of day. The case is distributed as a system together with the versatile QUICK-LOCK side carrier. Complementing the new ALU-BOX products a fresh textile line is being created. At the same time BAGS-CONNECTION introduces its Waterproof Line: The Drybags are high-frequency welded Tarpaulin products that offer complete watertightness. At the company headquarters in Rauschenberg, Germany, once again an additional warehouse is built.
2007Growing OEM business and development of the QUICK-LOCK Electric tank ring
The QUICK-LOCK Electric tank ring, an advancement of the QUICK-LOCK tank ring system, as a world first offers a direct power supply for tank bags. In Rauschenberg the next warehouse is being constructed, in Brno a laser cutting facility takes up operation. Employee numbers are growing, especially in design, development and IT departments. The product range significantly increases and business relations to new OEM partners are being established. Kawasaki is complementing the side cases of the GTR 1400 with inner bags made by BAGS-CONNECTION.
2006Modernizing the manufacturing facilities
Everything is set for expansion: Following the modernization of the SW-MOTECH plant in Brno, Czech Republic, new state-of-the-art production facilities go online. BAGS-CONNECTION is established as a premium brand at Polo, a chain of specialized motorcycle accessory dealerships, and delivers tail bags to its first OEM customers. Following increasing OEM demand the warehousing facilities at the site at Rauschenberg, Germany, are expanded. Together the two companies produce first luggage solutions consisting of a combination of metal and textile components.
2005Partnership between SW-MOTECH and BAGS-CONNECTION
The successful introduction of the QUICK-LOCK tank ring marks the start of a close cooperation between SW-MOTECH and BAGS-CONNECTION: The joint development of the QUICK-LOCK fastening system and soft luggage leads the two companies to share headquarters in Rauschenberg, Germany. Spring 2005 sees the joint distribution of metal components, tank bags and tail bags and the production of the first tank bags with QUICK-LOCK system. Contacts to OEM partners are strengthened: The production of tank bags, tail bags and backpacks for Suzuki starts.
2004Continuous company growth
The growth of SW-MOTECH continues with rapid strides, driven among others by increasing international product demand. As a result the company moves to the current headquarters in Rauschenberg, Germany. First enquiries from motorcycle producers pave the way for the development and production of original accessory equipment. Meanwhile BAGS-CONNECTION is present at several motorcycle trade shows. The elaborate design of the BAGS-CONNECTION premium luggage is well received by the public, the early decision to employ premium materials pays off. First international partnerships are established.
SW-MOTECH branches in Rauschenberg, Germany, and Brno, Czech Republic, grow. Meanwhile the company BAGS-CONNECTION is established in Frankenberg, Germany. The founder Achim Kessler, a motorcycle enthusiast, after five years as sales director of a French motorcycle gear manufacturer starts his first product line, laying the foundation for the production of premium motorcycle luggage systems.
2001Additional production facilities in the Czech Republic
Developments are piling up as the demand for motorcycle accessories made by SW-MOTECH increases exponentially. This leads to the founding of an additional production site in one of the most renowned Czech centers for mechanical engineering near Brno.
2000Introduction of the QUICK-LOCK side case carrier
The launch of the removable QUICK-LOCK side case carrier is instantly followed by impressive market demand, making relocation of the company to a larger building necessary. Meanwhile the manufacturing portfolio has been increased from initially three to now 25 products. First employees are being hired.
1999Founding of SW-MOTECH
Valentino Rossi is in the lead - and the chain of his 250 bursts. Johannes Rau becomes federal president of Germany. At the same time in a disused farm in Bracht, Germany, three motorcycle enthusiasts are founding the company SW-MOTECH: Joerg Diehl, Kai Jockel and Jürgen Swora. The soon to come success story starts with the idea of supplementing their student income to fund motorcycle travels to Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Libya by the production of motorcycle accessories.
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